Girls would you let your sister alter and wear your wedding dress for her wedding?

My sister asked me if she could. She said she loved my dress and can't find anything quite like it that is in her budget.

I'd love to help her with that but I loved my dress too and it means a lot to me. It was super expensive but I got a huge discount because I used to model wedding gowns and you meet some people .

Another thing Is that I wear a size 0-2 and she wears a size 20-22 and altering in those ranges is def an experiment. What if it doesn't work out. Or the dress ends up looking completley different

She is right though I'll probably never wear that dress again and I feel so selfish for not wanting her to have it. What would you guys do?


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  • I'd primarily be worried about how possible it is to transform a size 0-2 dress into a size 20-22 one. I'm no tailor, but it seems to me like with that large of a size difference, you'd be better off just sewing a dress from scratch.

    If it's really impossible for you to help her find a similar dress in a size more appropriate for her, you could consider taking the dress into a tailor/seamstress and asking what it would take to either recreate the dress in your sister's size OR incorporate pieces of the original dress into a new one. I have no idea what her budget is here, but it sounds like any of your choices here will be kind of expensive.

    If you really feel strongly about keeping your dress, though, you don't have to give it to your sister (especially since it really isn't her size at all). Help her hunt for something she loves!


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  • i know I am not a girl lol

    no but id get her a wedding dress as a wedding present

  • I would not want my future wife to loan out her wedding dress if preserving it is important to her. The sentimental value will not be replicated, which basically means no one else will care for it as much as she will.

    Direct your sister to,, and


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  • ... Can't you use your connections to try and help find something similar, closer to her price range?

    • I called some people and they all told me I could probably get like 10% off but even with that most dresses would be too expensive.

      The one I had I got a 90% discount on partly because I was friends with the designer but mainly because it has been worn before for photoshoots and on the catwalk and they tend to make those dresses in only one size