Does anyone here practice non-monogamy (polifidelity, open rlationship, group marriage..)

Tell me what had been your experience, how did you formed it, what did you do to make itnhappen, who proposed it and how.

Tell me about it. Anything.

G.A.G might not be the place to find people with practice this
From know on it gets to specific, more word tomexplain a thing, I thin we are indeed done. Thanks for your arguments they provide me with things to inspect before taking action.

I haven't resigned to my intention of forming a polyfidelity, but I recognize how everything you said contains many threats and obstacles that have to be surpassed with planification, safety measures, patience etc.

Thanks for not using insults as arguments as people do.


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  • I don't and I'm not going to. I grew up in a Muslim country and my dad had three wives. it wasn't really good for anyone. My mom and stepmothers were jealous all time. And at times they'd really screwed each other up.

    For children it sucks for so many reasons, I can't even begin to explain. And in the end even my dad said he wish he had only married one woman

    • Well, the problem with Muslim system is that is arranged or forced marriage in most cases. Also its a patriarcal system. That is not the kind of non monogamy I'm proposing. That is different. And not everybody can be in poly, just as there are people that cannot be in mono...

      I like your example cause it illustrates how bad is any system where you are forced to go with a certain dating configuration. I think dating have many aspects that should be personal and not default-one-choice.

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    • everone does. It is selfish to don't think about others. You're always talking about yourself but even with only a small percentage practicing it, it's bound to go wrong somewhere. You have to think in a wider scope

      In this case potential just means the probability of something going wrong is expotentioally higher. Why risk it? To what benefit?

      I think we're done here

    • Well monogamy is riskier than being alone, yetpeople do to gain fullfillment, polyfidelity is riskier than mono, yet peo...

      Higher building are more at risk thana one story house, yet they have advantages...

      In all cases when risk is higher you need to take more safety measures. I'm willing to.


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  • I won't be rude to anyone who has a different point of view, but I honestly believe that one man should be with one woman.

    • I believe for some people that is true for others not. To you is probably true, so stick with that. I'm not saying any option is better than the other, I'm just sayng there are more than one option, and different options work for different people, you just think what is best for you.

    • I believe that it's not possible for one person to be with many people. There will definitely be jealousy between them, and some of them may not feel as loved as the others, whereas when it's one man for one women, than they could really work on their relationship and build it without thinking about others. For some people though, it may work. I've seen it on Youtube, but I would never want a monogamy relationship.

  • I can only give myself to one person at a time. Trying to keep onto of one relationship is hard enough.

  • I personally don't but I have a friend who is married and they have an agreement. They have to tell each other what they want to do with the other person and if the partner says it OK, they hook up with other people.

  • I'm not into the idea because I naturally am romantically/physically attached to one person at a time.

    I won't judge anyone who practices it (given nobody is getting hurt, STDs, or lied to), BUT I resent when poly people (often guys) get into a relationship with a monogamous person (with doormat tendencies) then tries to convince the doormat to have such a relationship, or tries to instill the idea that poly unions are "hotter" and you're not "normal" is you don't fantasize about it or acknowledge the poly person is settling for the mono person.

    • Yes, that is bad. Its a bad tendency running thought some polis. I was reading some book about poli and it mentions that problem, some people after being attacked by some monos, start doing the same.

      With is stupid cause some people ,many people are natural monos...but you know, stupidity is among all kind of people, what can we do. Bullsh*t is pandemic.

    • Yeah, I agree. My ex (who was a major pervert and tried to teach me things he saw in p*rn, etc.) always would check out my friends, told me several dancers at a strip club was better than one, how poly relationships of people "he knew" worked out, etc., it gave me the impression he really wanted poly but was settling for mono with me, because I was all he could get (most women were repulsed by him). My friends told me I could do better but he convinced me that "all guys" want multiple women.

  • at some point I tried to have a semi sexual friendship with a guy who was polygamous but then I just lost interest completely. at first I was kind of always scared id see him with someone else or kinda heart broken like even if I silouette of a guy looked like him and he was with someone else, and now I completely don't have feelings for him after seeing other people and even after being with him again I'm sexually not turned on by the fact I know he's open to several sexual friendships at the same time.


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  • Never tried it and never will I don't see the point in not being monogamous in a relationship.. Jealously will cause it to fall apart imo.

    • Depend on the individuals participating. Many people actually do this. There are non mongamomous relationships who deal with jealosy. They even use the term compersion with is opposite to jealosy, or feeling joy when you see your partner or partners happy . There are organized non monogamy, the problem comes with people doing things randomly... With also cause problems in monogamy, but those problems growh in a unorganized non mono. Also not everybody can or is prepared for non mono...

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    • divorce is for liberals I'll never get divorced.

    • I think divorce has more to do with people falling out of love than wanting to be polygamous. I think that after 10+ years of marriage and boring each other out of each others' minds it's OK to practice polygamy with each others' consent. However, I could never accept a polygamous relationship from the start.

  • oh heck na

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