Could this be interpreted as I'm a distraction or not a distraction to this couple?

So there was this married guy that liked me, but rejected his advances. It happened about two years ago, and there's still feelings there. Recently, it seems he is happy and is working on his marriage and that's okay. He is just in the last couple of weeks given me the "I am moving on, and don't give a crap about you anymore." However, it still looks like he wants to talk to me. And worst of all we attend church together, and he and his family are all of a sudden sitting in my section in the front row, which means I'm closer to them now when I go up for communion. Yes, I get it's not my section and they can sit where ever the hell they want, but it doesn't make sense since someone said I was a distraction to their marriage. Mind you they have sat in the other section for years, so it's not like they shift around a lot. And believe me if they were having troubles with being distracted with me, they would sit amongst the 10,000 other spots. What do you think. Do you think the Pastor recommended this?


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  • You're not really a distraction to those couple.

    You should just start ignoring them and mind your own business.


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  • That is so strange? Maybe by sitting in front of you he's trying to say "hey look at me and my perfect happy family, I don't care about you", he's probably trying to persuade himself into thinking something that isn't.

    • I agree. It must be some kind of psychological mechanism because if he was so happy I shouldn't even be a thought. He seems to have a lot of conflicting emotions. Should I make a come back, or just let it go? I could go sit behind them. What do you think?

    • I also wanted to mention that I liked this other guy from Nov.-Feb., And so he may have gotten that sense from me, like"I don't care about you" because I truly didn't, but I wasn't rubbing it in his face- it was more of you could just tell I was happy and disinterested in him.