Is marriage something you want someday? Do you think making it 'to forever' is possible?

If you do want to get married, by what age would you like to do it? What do you view as the advantages/disadvantages of a marriage?


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  • I would love to get married. Ideally in my mid to late twenties (which is approaching btw).

    But I am single. So I don't think it's going to happen for me.

    I think marriage has a lot of advantages:

    -Having someone to help with the house work

    -Having a permanent cuddle buddy!

    -Someone who can give you emotional support

    -Someone to come home to!

    -Shared bills!

    -Vacation buddy

    -When you are older, you have someone to spend time with

    -Your lives intertwine. I think anyone who has been in a long-term relationship can appreciate this. Something as simple as going grocery shopping together really can make your day better (at least it did for me). I'm a typical independent person, always have been. I'm pretty much your lone wolf type person. I want a partner though! I have no issue working as part of a team (in fact, I prefer it!).


    -Marriage takes work, all relationships take work. So you have to make sure both parties are willing to make it work. If one party is very casual about things, the relationship has a hard time working.

    -You can become too dependent on the other person. Sometimes it's good to be able to do things alone.


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  • I don't see there being a specific "age" to get married, I mean if I believe with some degree of certainty that I will be with that girl forever, then there is no harm in marrying her young. I won't be with anyone else so it won't be an issue. I'm Catholic so I don't believe in divorce so for me to make the decision of marriage will be a life long commitment to me

    • The thing about getting married young, like early twenties, is that we all change SO MUCH in our twenties. If I'd married my Boyfriend at age 20, whom I loved very much, I'd be divorced by now . . . A life long commitment is hard to make when you are still figuring out who you are yourself. Did you just ask a question about marriage too? If you did, mine was the first reply :)

  • Marriage is a total commitment. It's like you are starting a new life. Both should be matured to do this. They say 2 become one when you are married, and indeed, it is. It's not about you or it's not about him. It's not about you or it's not about him, it's about both of you.

    Cannot be certain about an age-limit, whenever you feel the commitment come within you, then you can think of that.

  • I don't believe in marriage.

    • Why not? You don't see any benefit in having a life partner? Or you just don't want to give your life partner the commitment of marriage?

    • I don't want the government involved in my relationship.

      I don't want the prospect of crippling financial penalties if I decide I don't love her any more and the relationship comes to a natural conclusion.

    • That's understandable. I'd like to think I made the right decision in a partner and that marriage will only benefit us. I'm a loyal girl, I'm not the type to just stop loving someone (love is a choice, an act). He won't be running out on me either and right now I make more money so . . . it's not like I'd be after his.

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  • I think it's possible but not easy. Both people have to genuinely want to be together forever and stay committed to that no matter what. And it's definitely something I want to do. Ideally between 26-30 for me.

  • no. I do not intend to marry. I also do not intend to take a job offer under the title of slave working under a master... even if its 'the good kind'.

    • He'll be my slave is more like it! Jk of course, but we're a team so we work TOGETHER, not one working for the other. Two are stronger than one :)

  • Personally, I'm not interested in ever getting married.