Interracial Marriage Social Experiment

I am considering my options for a social experiment. The scenario would be a young college aged couple that is engaged sitting at a table with future inlaws. The couple is a white woman and an Asian man. I haven't seen this done before. The first setup would be a white woman Asian man with "stereotypical" first generation Asian in-laws who are upset about the match saying things like "will she learn English?", "what about her family, kids, etc?", and yelling in different language. The other group would be with the white in-laws where they are angry about the marriage (for racial reasons). I would also do the same thing except switch the couple so that the male is white and the female is asian.

My goal is to see how people react. I want to see if people stand up for the couple or condone it.

How do you think this experiment will go? Why?

Is there any other things that should be considered, added, edited, etc?

Thank You!

Sorry about the grammer, I realized I was typing fast and messed up.


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