How can I lead a lifetime marriage life?

I'm 4m India...Kolkata...

I'm 20+... I've 2 get married (love marriage) for some reasons... But I'm not prepared 4 it r8 now... please give me some advice that I can keep happy my in-laws and my husband... please tell me how 2 maintain a family... :/

I love him a lot... :'(

I don't wanna loose him for my immaturity...

I know he'll never leave me alone... Bt my immaturity hurts him... I don't wanna hurt him again and again... It hurts me too... :'(


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  • 1. Love your husband. This solves the in-law problem.

    2. Be friends.

    3. Don't -ever- go to bed angry.

    4. Have daily private, quiet time together.

    5. Divorce is -never- a solution. Murder, maybe. But not divorce. :-)

    My wife and I did this; we were married for almost twenty-five years, until she died. (more at my profile.)

    We added Bible study in bed before going to sleep. This may not fit for other couples.

    We were a "Love at first sight" couple. We knew that we would marry the first time we looked at each other

    Common interests? We didn't have many. That was immaterial.

    She was a biopsychology major (before it was a recognized field---did ground-breaking research), relational, liked country music, ...

    I do not consider psychology any kind of science, hierarchical, like classical music.

    One commonality: we were both intellectuals. We conversed at deep levels.

    Oh, another thing: there was almost 25 years difference in our ages. She was 21, I was 46 when we met. People asked whether she had considered the age difference. Her reply, "No, I hadn't! Thanks for telling me!" :-) She was a quarter of a century old when I was half a century old. :-)

    Hope this helps,


    • I've got a problem too... I'm too much mentaly immature... That's why I take many wrong decision like a child... It hurts my lover... Sometimes he cry a lot and me too...

      We're in relationship for 3years... Now we're going to get married... So,I'm too much confused...coz I don't wanna hurt him and his parents...

    • I don't know what you mean by "mentally immature," because we all make mistakes.

      The problem is when we don't learn from these mistakes.

      What kinds of mistakes do you make?


  • P.S.

    You're asking the right questions at the right time!

    Many marry with the first rush of romance; when the "honeymoon stage" ends, they don't quite know what to do. It gets especially bad when the union has produced children.

    I don't send friend requests to women, but I'd like to be friends,

    Send a friend request if it's OK with you.



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