How come my husband looks at naked pics while laying in bed with me?

I just found out I am pregnant and before now I've never felt insecure but now I feel so hurt I mean almost every time I look over at my husband I see naked women on his phone..he never did this next to me until the past few days. I haven't said anything yet I just don't want to be the crazy insecure wife.


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  • I'd be pretty upset by this. Tell him you find it hurtful.


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  • Next time he does it say, "I don't mind you looking at pictures of naked women, but please don't do it while I'm in the bed next to you." Let him know it hurts your feelings. It doesn't make you crazy, and its completely reasonable to be upset about it. It's common for pregnant women to feel insecure about their bodies and sexuality, and he should be more considerate.

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