Is it time for Love yet?

A guy came up to me and said hi, gave me his number so we could hang out and etc. We slowly started to hang out and became friends, its now been a month since we know each other. He told me that he fell in love with me, but I have not said it to him yet and told him that I want to take my time with it and get to know him as much as I need to and then will tell my feelings, because I want this to end as in marriage, no more breakups since I'm 22 and he's 25. He's a great guy and treats me the way I want to be treated. We hang out whenever possible and talk on msn everyday. The question is, should I tell him my feelings (i'm falling for him too) or should I wait for a bit more, I mean do you think a Month is enough to decide whether we should date or not?


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  • I think your moving just a little too fast. I mean, I know your both adults, but one month is really not much time to bring up the L word and considering marriage. Not that either of you have considered it, but it's obvious you want your next relationship to also be your last. At least hopefully.

    I also can't speak for him, but I find it odd he mentioned he loved you so fast. Either he really knows that he wants, or he's after you sexually. My advice is to take it a little slower. Obviously so far, it seems great doesn't it? So of course let him know of your feelings, but not all at once. Continue to learn about each more and more. So yes, it's okay to start dating but just keep it on a learning schedule.

  • You don't have to wait to tell him how you feel. Say your dream comes true and you do get married, then the two of you would want to be honest and open to each other about your emotions. Why not start behaving that way now? If you know that telling him how you truly feel won't scare him away then is there another reason to not be open with him?

    There are no rules with regards to how fast your relationship moves. If the two of you know what you are doing and you understand the meaning of commitment, then nothing else matters.


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