I want a wedding and he doesn't...

Me and my boyfriend have been together almost 3 years. We've been talking about marriage for a while now and I've always told him how much I want to have a wedding through the church. I come from a traditional family all my cousins aunts my mom etc. have been married through the church and I've always wanted the same. at first he told me we would have a wedding through the church etc. and now all of a sudden he doesn't he wants us to get married by court and get married later on. His mom and dad were never married so I guess he doesn't understand how important this is to me. We got in an argument about it today he told me if I don appreciate what he can give me then to go find someone who will give me my little princess wedding. to talk to him when I appreciate what hw can give me to stop being so spoiled. I can't believe him I'm not being spoiled because I want a wedding. He acts like I want a millionaire wedding. It kinda hurt when he said that to me spoiled? come on he doesn't even spoil me for me to be spoiled. I buy my own stuff I work to support myself. He makes no sense. I just think if he loved me like he says he does he'd at least give me this. He wouldn't be paying for it alone. What do you guys think? I don't know what to think.


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  • I'm surprised you've spent 3 years with someone like that.

    For him to make the "Princess wedding" mark, is really rude and childish. I don't want to put him down, but perhaps there's something beneath all this. Is he having financial trouble? Is he scarred of being near an altar?

    If it's one of those, then I think it's just small insecurities that you can get over. But if he can't see how important this is to you, how is this any indication that he will be a good husband when you are indeed married? I'd think about that if I were you. Every single process of marriage should be carefully laid out and planned. And above all, your partner's wishes and opinions should be accepted and considered. If he can't be talked into having a small ceremonial wedding in a church, then I highly doubt he will be talked into anything else later on.


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  • If it's something you want, and wanted for a while, I'd stick to it. I always wanted a wedding, but because of the military we almost didn't get one and I was devastated. But my husband made sure I had one. You guys can take a couple years to save up money for a very nice, elegant wedding. Sounds like he might have some more growing up to do.

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