Marriage in trouble

I have doubts that my marriage will make it, we fight a lot but we are young ( 18 each). What should I do? We also have two 3 year old twin girls.

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  • It is common to fight a lot early in a marriage, especially if you are very young because you both still have so much growing up to do. I think the very best thing to do is to work on improving yourself by taking a serious look inward to see what things you can change and what you cannot. The next thing to do that is of vital importance no matter what kind of relationship you have is to learn how to resolve conflicts. Every relationship has arguments and problems. If you learn how to resolve problems, how to communicate effectively that is the best thing you can do for your relationship. Of course you both have to work at it, but if you are both willing to work at it then you can make things work. Getting professional help is not a bad idea either if you can afford it.


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  • E. Seek Therapy and Couples counseling.


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  • im going to give yet another example lol. I know a couple who had their first baby at ages 12 and 14. the dad got into some trouble and moved away. when their child was 5 the mom met up with the dad. they got married, had three more kids and are still together 30 years later. in your case, its rough right now and I can't promise it will get any better. you both just need to grow up some, whether you do that together or apart. it just really depends on the nature of your problems for me to have an opinion either way.