Should we go to the wedding?

My brother is getting married to a woman me and my mother do not approve. She told me I could be a brides maid, but changed her mind at the last minute. There is so many people that have a problem with us that are going. My mom and I get a lot of dirty looks and there is a lot of drama. It also bugs us that people that are not even family say that they are related to my 6 month old niece. My brother said that if we don't go he said he will want nothing to do with us. We don't like anyone that is going to the wedding and we are afraid there is going to be a fight and we don't want to get into any fights or legal trouble. Should we just bite our temper and try to ignore everything or just play it safe and not go?


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  • Well, the fact that your brother gave you that ultimatum, things are serious. Your mother has to decide whether to accept this woman in your life, or lose her son. You will need to follow the choice she makes.

  • Do you want to support your brother?

    Do you want to hurt him? To drive him from your life?