Once my lover now my friend

We dated for 7 years, and have stayed friends-this has totaled to 14 years-we talk often-I am married (unhappily) and he is engaged-the other day when we were talking (secretly) he told me if we are ever single at the same time we should get back together. He tells me that he's not in love with her and how they are just living. Now all I do is think of this-and how we can get back together-I really believe we are soul mates-what does this mean? When a guy says what he said to me? Should I just ignore it and go on with my life? I am so confused. HELP!


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  • I think maybe he wants his cake and to eat it at the same time? I think you should ignore this and go on unless you do really believe he is the 1 and he thinks the same about you talk to him about and how you both feel. You no the saying what's meant to be will be. Good luck

    • Well the prob is that we live 2000 miles away and I would never cheat or allow him to cheat-he asked me to move close to him but I said no-it would be too hard to avoid the temptation-and he agreed

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