When a guy starts talking about marriage...

We've all heard the line "When a guy likes you, he makes it known." In my case, that's definitely true. Most guys either like me or they don't. It's rare that a guy will ever be iffy with me. As a matter of fact, every guy that has liked me, has jumped into a conversation of marriage very early on in the relationship. Why is that? It scares the crap out of me to be honest... These perfectly normal men bring up the topic of marriage and children within the first month... Why is this?


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  • Some guys are just ridiculous and this is why divorce rates are so high. I've heard of guys saying they want to marry instantly before and I don't see why especially with so many normal men seeing marriage as financial suicide as it is. I don't see how guys can have a relationship for so many years yet oppose marriage then suddenly we got guys who propose on date 1.

    • This probably sounds horrible, but when it comes to relationships, I tend to think like the man, so it kinda freaks me out lol

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  • som guys are romantic. fall in love easily. again and again. you'll notice you say it happens several times. so they are not one guy, these are guys dong this probably with many women.

    not that its not genuine, its just they are fast to heat up.

    what do they actually say. I mean do they say they want to marry you. or just talk about marriage?

    • For example, I've been talking to this guy for about a month now. I've explained I want to take things slow... Today, he tells me he's got a four year plan... Go over seas, marry this "cute five foot three girl he left in the states"...

    • i think he's flirting. its not sif he saud he wants to marry you.. some people are like that.

      marriage used to hapen very quickly. iut was normal to meet with the intention of marrying. men. it wasn't a manly way to think to be against marriage. you're not thinking like a man. you're thinking like a person who wants to go slow.

      humans get used to most things. marriage was quick. still is in many places, but in many it is not. and still others don't want it period.

      are you worried its abad match?

  • that weird but he might just be looking to settle down and got overexcited.