Just need some advice on crazy wedding weekend

I'm going to make this as short as possible. One of my sisters got married this past weekend. My other sister's best friend was invited as well. My sister has known her for something like 10 years. I've always been into her but I've always just shied away from it. Yet apparently everyone knew. I was a different person around her. Anyway fast forward to the rehearsal dinner before the wedding, someway or another not even sure the idea of joking around and proposing to my sisters friend came up. I was a little tipsy but certainly not drunk and said f*** it. So everyone knew it was a joke even her but again somehow it progressed to the point by the end of the night it was pretty real.

The night of the wedding it was worse she was all over me eventually we started kissing which was pursued by her. She was asking me serious questions about a future together. Again neither of us were wasted I knew what I was doing and so did she.

The next day we drove home about 11 hours. I told her I would drive her home weeks before. After a few hours of silence I had to ask her about the last 2 days what was going to happen now. I wasn't looking to get married just start something no rush no pressure. Ultimately she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship with anyone and she didn't want to risk her friendship with my sister.

I'm just trying to understand what happened? She went from seriously considering marrying me in 4 months to not interested in all in less than 12 hours. I feel like it took me years to get the courage to make any kind of move only to be lead on for 2 days and then dropped. I don't get what her motive was.

Not much I can do but try to forget about it but it really sucks.

While this wasn't the ending I would like. Honestly besides from that I feel amazing, better than I ever have. I've been with a few girls and this was by far different it literally changed my perspective on life altogether. So it isn't all bad. Live and learn!


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  • That really is a crazy weekend lol.

    You're positive she was serious about a future without you? How drunk was she?

    At this point, let it go for now. I'm not sure how your relationship was before that (did you text her at all or ever hang out in a group together?). Keep acting like you've always acted but don't bet on the situation changing. It seems like the sober "not ready for a relationship" comment has more weight than the drunk "I'm going to marry you" idea.

    • I'm 99% sure she was serious. Like I said neither were that drunk and it continued during the day while sober between the rehearsal and wedding. I don't think I have much of a choice other to let it go for now. I'm just trying to understand her perspective and her thinking on the whole thing. A good amount of my family believes were getting married in August. Yea we hang out as a group on occasion and I text her now and again. She lives a few hours away now so I see her on weekends typically.

    • Ohhh I missed the part where she was talking about it before the wedding. Yeah that really is tricky...maybe she got freaked out after the fact? Who knows. Just act cool with her like usual the next time you see her. Maybe text her in a week or so but keep it light.

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  • Act like it never happened, if she's serious she'll bring it up again.

  • she knew how wacky she was acting. like clingy and stuff.

  • uhm, maybe she just realized how crazy she was acting and got embarassed

  • i would just try to pursue a relationship with her, maybe she said that ebcause you werent pushing things anymore

    • I was pushing it. I explained what I wanted and how I felt and she wasn't interested.

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