Guys, do you hold your feelings until you are ready?

I was wondering...when you meet a girl and you start to like her from the beginning and you know she could possibly be your do you know you are ready to pop the question? For single guys when would be the most comfortable time for you to pop the question? What would give you the feeling of ...shes my future wife? I know some guys hold that in until its the right time.


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  • We guys don't think that way. Our brain works in a different way so we do not approach this things like you girls.

    We do not think a girl we like can be our wife.

    Instead, our reasoning is as follow: We meet a girl we like, we think she could be a good friend; once a friend we think she could be a good lover; once a lover whe think she could be a good girlfriend; once a girlfriend we think she could be a good wife but we don't give much thinking to this last possibility.

    When I'm I ready? Once I have a stable job, a reasonable income, a reliable car and and I'm in overall good shape.

    The right time is when I have no doubts and uncertainties and when gorgeous women do not tempt me that much (though I know temptation will always be there but it has to be under control)

    The feeling of "she is my future wife" is when I realize she doesn't expect me to fix her world, her life and she understand I'm not superman coming to rescue her.

    • Awww I like that answer. I think you answered one of my other questions. I like what you have to say.

    • Ok, I'm happy to be of help. Would you mind taking a peek at my question I posted a few days ago? If any other question you have I would be happy to try to answer you!

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  • I'd only pop the question if:

    - I know she still loves me.

    - I know she has similar goals in life (getting married, having kids, etc.)

    - We feel we're stable enough to be able to support each other.

    - We've been together for some time, thus we understand how we're like as a couple.

  • Timing is very important for a guy, if he is off he could lose everything and he really doesn't want to screw things up. But for many guys we too much time to get to the point. It happened to me just recently where I could have been with a girl just didn't say what I needed to in time


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  • some do but it could also be another thing that you don't understand

  • well I think so they look for the right time.

  • some do