Did I just get played?

I started talking to this guy on myspace and I notice that he still had two pictures of him and his girl in his pics. It even said him and his baby. Also, it's says he's engaged as his status on his page.

Well, I asked him about it and he said that they broke up a long time ago and just didn't take down their pic. So, we been talking about getting together, he said he wanted me to meet his mom and he 's been calling me everyday and saying he wants to fall in love and that he kind of likes me.

He even said he wanted to take me out to dinner on Valentine's day at red lobster. WE HAVEN'T EVEN HAD SEX YET but we've been messing around. So about a couple of days later I notice that he had him and his supposed "ex girlfriend" as his default on his page and she even had the same pic of them together on her default page.

This is where I started to get suspicious and asked him about it. He said it didn't mean anything. So, I brushed off. Well, after seeing other for about a week in a half. We finally had sex. He said he hasn't had any for 3 months which explained how short the sex was. Well, we ran out of condoms and I asked him to run up to the store real quick up the street.

Before he left ,i was like are you going to come back? He said something that kind of warned me of what's about to happen. He said, " hell yea I'm coming back. I've been trying to get you forever. " then left. I had a bad feeling when he said that. I've been left before after sex so I was already thinking that. Several minutes later, he still wasn't back and the store was right up the street.

So I called him and he answered saying he was pulled over by the cops and that he's gonna come right back to me. Sounded like a lie. So we got off the phone and I was still waiting an hour later. Nothing. I called him again and his phone went straight to voice mail each time. What you think? He deceived me to achieve that booty, right? Dam, guys just want me for sex and I'm tired of it.


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  • Yes, you just got played (like a second-hand fiddle in a four-story ho-down). But I'm guessing you're not that tired of it? Couldn't you see it coming just from his myspace page?

    • Yea but I also know that sometimes people just don't take down old pics. So I just overlooked it but he called me today and I kept rejecting his phone calls like at least 50 times back to back. He seemed desperate. So I finally answered. He apologized.

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  • WOW. I would not call it played. You were just flat used and you let it happen. I'm sure his game was weak as hell and you fell for it. Hun. You were in love and didn't care about anything. Be careful and you ought to watch out who you meet on the internet. A lot of scum out there.


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  • Yeah you got played. Don't be so quick to put out and you'll avoid these situations. At least get a dinner at Red Lobster out of it or something. Geeze. Wait for a guy who wants a relationship and know you're worth more than a hook up- you'll avoid that used feeling you're experiencing right now. Also when meeting new guys avoid overly sexual conversations so they can get to know you without you revving up their hormones. I know the attention is fun, but it's the wrong kind of attention. Good luck, girl.

    • Thx. Ur right. I need to make them wait but surprisingly he called me today and I was so mad that I rejected his call and girl he just kept on calling like every minute and I just kept on rejecting his calls all day long. Good, huh?

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    • Ok. I will.

    • Wow. You weren't played you were used. He knew if he said that stuff to you, you would fall right into it. Just step away, don't even bother with him anymore, your worth more than that.