If a man acts weird with you when his wife is around.

I invited him to an event and he actually did show up with his wife. Me and my friend were there hanging out and he obviously spotted me right away because he came up to where I was sitting. He then pretended to see me all of a sudden. He made it seem to his wife like we just ran into each other when in fact he was practically making plans to meet me there.

I'm not doing anything wrong but it seems like he's very sketchy about me when it comes to her.

Why does he do this?


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  • Yep he has a thing for you and he is pretending so she has no clue. If there is nothing to hide he would act normal. Tells me he has something hidden in his heart for you .

  • He wants you but wants you to keep it on the down low. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=8icIgtdKkdA

    • Then why would he just not show up if he knew he was bringing his wife?

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