Guys...what makes a woman "marriage material"?

I'm just curious what makes a man want to marry a woman? My best friend recently spent 10 years with a man and had 2 kids with him but he never would marry her. Finally they split and now within a year they are both marrying other people. So guys...what would make you want to marry your girl?


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  • That she puts in the same amount of effort as I do, and we love each other. Girlfriends are nice to have around, but from my experience you can get ones that are just "along for the ride". As in they want the focus to be on them, without giving much back. Marriage material is a girl who cooks lasagne for you before you get home from work, and doesn't act princess all the time expecting you to get on your hands and knees when she's upset, but when you're stressed does nothing to help you. You get the point. To marry a girl, we would both have to be givers in the relationship, that way we're both happy with the caring that the other is giving. That's just me anyway, though I doubt anyone is perfect, so we all settle :P

    • That's a great answer! That's how it should be!

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  • basically what Stark says. As long as she's genuinely kind, committed, and generous while not being selfish, that's enough for me. I mean, there are other things that are attractive in general. But that selflessness is perhaps the only TRUE necessity for me.

    • @As long as she's genuinely kind, committed, and generous while not being selfish,

      is that how you see yourself?

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    • I should also specify/clarify, generally speaking about myself, I mean committed to person, not necessarily the relationship. By that I mean going out of your way for the person, when necessary. Sure a girl/woman may not be "marriage material" to me, but I'll be committed to that person and her needs and desires during the relationship. If a girl/woman IS "marriage material", then yes I'd be committed to the relationship itself.

    • That doesn't make you unkind...and the person that loves you will know all your quirks and flaws andwill know recognize what you do say and do as love.

  • Any girl who thinks she can get me to do something by using an ultimatum, is not marriage material. Because once she thinks she can resort to using the nuclear option to get her own way, she'll never stop doing it.

    So if a girl lays down an ultimatum, she gets dumped. No excuses, no regrets, no second chances.


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  • You don't classify a girl as "marriage material"

    Marriage isn't based on whether both have the skills and qualify for the job.

    They just weren't meant to be and he didn't really love her or want to be with her.