Should I leave my boyfriend?

i don't know what to do or think . My boyfriend was gonna propose. Then he gets cold feet cause of hang ups he has from his ex. So we're fighting all weekend cause he is being insensitive and makes plans to talk then breaks them, and when I go out with my friends cause I'm tired of waiting around at home, he gets all upset and begs to let me let him come over at 3:30 am. Then when we're supposed to talk last night he blows me off to hang out with his sister...I get that they're VERY CLOSE...sometimes to an extent where it's like I'm not even in the room...and I just feel like I'm your "almost fiance" so he should wanna see me and talk. so I txted him that I was mega upset and all this sh*t about how I feel he in intentionally blowing me off to stick it to me and he writes back apologizing and saying it's not true. so my confusion is this...he always say "nothing I do is ever right in your eyes," and I hate when he says it so he writes "and don't worry, I kow how much you hate when I say that so it's something that I won't be saying anymore." but I hate txts because I can't tell what attitude he's taking in them. I responded to him this morning when I got the text and he has yet to respond to me. Did the text mean he won't be saying it anymore cause we're breaking up or what? sometimes he is busy at work and can't respond to me. I don't know know what to do/think. He is stressing me beyond belief. All I want to to talk at a normal hour so we can get this out in the open. He comes by mad late and we can never finish a convo cause we have to get up early for work.

should I leave my bf?


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