Girl is mad at me and will shoot me down when I try to chit chat but engage when its something to argue about?

Isn't this weird? I can ask about her day or what is she doing and get a "STOP TALKING TO ME" (angry face) but when I try to argue about something, she will go on and on and if we aren't interrupted, we will have a good hour of arguing back and forth and EVEN she will laugh (Even if it is sarcastically) and, as weird as it seems, we will have an open, 2 ways communication instead of just "leave me alone", why is this? Is arguing THAT enticing to girl that they will have them even with people they don't want to talk to?

SHe tries to be mean, I tell her that I know that she knows I'm not a bad guy and she will just look away and say "don't be so sure" and when I told her I will not accept the notion that she will NEVER talk to me again, she gets so angry and tries to FORCE me to accept it, I just told her we can believe whatever we want, its a free country lol.


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  • see secretly wants to have sex with you (seriously. She herself may not even realize it).

    • LOL, , I don't know about that, she sure seems to put a lot of effort into being mad at me and showing it. In a way, I find it extremely cute because I'm trying t figure out if she is really mad or just trying to "teach me a lesson". We couldn't stop talking to each other back then and we can't stop now, even if its just arguing.