What to do soon to be husband changed his mind about having a child?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years I am 24 he is 30 we are planning to be married soon he has a daughter who is 6 from a previous marriage she was unplanned and married her mother to do the right thing but the marriage failed after less then 2 years when we started dating he told me he was getting a vasectomy I asked if that ment he didn't want any more kids he said no he was open to it just didn't want to have another accident with someone we have sense talked many times about getting it reversed and having one together and he has been all for it. he has had his daughter for a month on and month off until she started school last year her mother had her for kindergarten and she bailed on having her for the school years so now he will have her for school he has had her for 2 months now and out of the blue tells me he has realized he doesn't want another he said he would think on it a while but he's pretty sure he doesn't I don't know what to do I love him and his daughter more then anything I treat her like my own but want just one with him ...will he change his mind is there anything I can do to change his mind


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  • There's just no way anyone here can answer this question. I see a series of long talks in your future, but in the end, if you don't agree with each other, this is a serious-enough issue to be a deal-breaker.

    • I know that no one will have the answer I guess I'm just looking for input and maybe some male insight

  • He was upfront and honest with you. He doesn't want a kid.

    You need to be honest with him now. Is that a deal breaker? Sounds like it is.


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