How to tell if a girl has a sex drive

In my culture, marriage is very important, divorce is highly stigmatized, and premarital sex, and in a larger sense, any explicit sexual activity is not allowed. I am a man with a healthy sex drive. although I understand sex is not the only important thing in a healthy marriage, I know that for me, it is going to be deeply important, especially in an emotionally intimate way, and I know it will be a deeply meaningful way I express love for my wife and connect with her, when I eventually get married. I am honest with myself enough to recognize that a low-sexual intimacy marriage would be deeply hurtful to me, and I feel like this leads me to a very difficult dileman:

if I know sexual intimacy is going to be deeply important to me when I get married, but I am set on keeping with my cultures guidelines about premartial sex, and I don't want to get married to a woman that has a low enough sex drive that the discrepancy causes severe heartache in our marriage, what am I to do to increase my chances of finding I woman I can not only fall in love with, but will also be able to have a consistent, harmonious sex life with? Of course there are excpetions to eveything, but can anyone share any trends that might be a good indicator that a woman has a healthy libido?

For example, are women with high libido more likely to be more physically affectionate and like to kiss more?

Another question: would it be a good idea to just ask her about her sexuality and if she has a decent libido (I of course would only ask her thses things if we had been going out for a long time and we felt comfortable being open wih each other)

Thanks for the help. Serious replies only please, this a very sincere, thoughful concern of mine.


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  • I commend you on following your cultures beliefs on marriage, and premarital sex. Wish that's the way it was in America. It once was.

    First man, most women have as high of a sex drive as guys do. They're just better at hiding it. Sure, some people's sex drive is lower than others...but that does not mean its going to stay that way, and or can't change.

    Remember, the brain is the biggest sex organ. Especial for a woman. Guys have a lot of power in raising,or lowering a womans sex drive. As long as there isn't some type of medical condition, hormone problem, or physical/mental health problem, you can rest assured most women are going to have the sex drive you want.

    I promise, if you find a good healthy woman (which is most important) and you guys have saved yourselves for each other...the sex will be awesome.

    THE NUMBER ONE thing that lowers a woman's sex drive is a poor relationship with her husband. If her husband is a challenge to her...and shows his love, respect, and affection for her...she will be a sex goddess for you. Most American man haven't figured this out yet.

    DO NOT ask a woman about their sex drive etc! EVER! While dating, you will notice little hints about how sexually attracted and turned on she is by you. She will always dress very nice for you. She will show lots of love, and affection. She will be comfortable touching you. She will have a healthy diet, lifestyle, and body. Great question man. Hopefully, I helped you out.