Please help me by telling me if there is relation or not? LOL

I'll try to explain this as simple as possible.

Your father's mother.

So to you that's your grandmother.

Then there's your grandmother's sister.

So to you, your grand aunt.

Now if this grand aunt has two sons, and by one of those sons she gets a granddaughter,

1) what is that granddaughter's relation to you?

2) If she is only a granddaughter by marriage, not from her sons, what is that to you, if anything?

3) If the grand daughter has a brother either by one same parent or by marriage what is he to you? Is there a difference from being either a half sibling or through marriage?

4) If the granddaughter has a child what, if anything, is that child to you? (I'm thinking nothing? But I don't know or I wouldn't be asking this question haha).

Help me end some confusion and one of those stupid arguments you don't really know why you're having haha, thanks for any answers.

link I know hahaha.


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  • 1) She would be your second cousin. - When children share the same great grandparent, but not the same grandparent, they are considered second cousins.

    2) It would probably be the same thing, just not by blood.

    3) He would still be your second cousin, because they're still siblings, even if it's as a half sibling or being a step brother.

    4) Second cousin once removed. Because, when you're second cousin has a child, they're still technically your cousin, but would be moved down a generation. Because, then there grandchild would be your second cousin twice removed, and so forth and so forth.


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  • 1. 3rd cousin.

    2. It's really nothing.

    3. Cousin if by same parent, nothing to me if by marriage.

    4. 4th cousin I believe?

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  • It's incest and you need to leave that one alone!

  • 2nd cousin I believe. As you both share the same great-grantparent. Grandmother and Grand aunt both have same parents, so that's your great-grandparents. You both have the same great-grandparents so you're second cousins.

    A grand daughter by marriage has no blood relation to you. So no relation.

    The granddaughter is the granddaughter via the two sons, so if she had a brother that was biologically related to the son, then he too would have the same grandparents and be considered a 2nd cousin. If there's no blood relation to the grandparents (not the son's biological son) then no, there's no relation.

    If the granddaughter had a child then your great grandparent is their great great grandparent. This makes them your 2nd cousin once removed.

    Hope that helps.

  • I'd rather wrestle with 4th year college calculus than try to determine the familial ties here lol.


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  • The answer to all above is a cousin of some degree. Third cousin and if only by marriage it would be once removed.

    • What exactly are removed cousins? I never understood. Are they still blood related cousins?

    • Nope through marriage. Because it's a "relation" removed is how it was explained to me.