Guys how would you compromise with your gf/wife if y'all had a disagreement on what house to live in?

For example, you and her are looking for a brand new house, but you want to live neara lake and she perfer to live closer to the city area, how would y'all work it out?

Another thing I want to ask... guys would you get really offend if she said "she rather buy you a play pool with a rubbie duckie, than to live near the lake?" Trust me I know I would.


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  • I think I see your point. Did she's say it like.."id rather buy you a play pool and a rubber duckie" in other words don't ask about the lake again, cause we are not moving by no damn lake...and that's the end of it!, if my husband said it yes I would be offended, ...because what make him think its not up for discussion..what makes him think he knows what's best for us...why should I compromise how I see my life with my family,.

    I mean your not in a relationship by yourself...why should I keep the peace,...u would feel like...why cantiI say that and living by the lake would be the final decision...

    Yes..I would be pist off..and he would be a controlling jerk, and if he can't find another way to convince me his way is better than mine without insults, he might be moving, to the city by himself!


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  • We'll live by the lake and she can decorate the house or we'll live near the city and I'll decorate the house.

    • I sitll want to know would you get offend if she said she rather buy you a play pool with rubber duckie, than to live near the lake?

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    • Alright. Would you like to add any other nonsensical things to the situation at hand?

      Tell the ladies that said they were offended on the other question that I think they are dolts for being offended. Will that make you happy?

    • She doesn't have to like the lake but it'd still be a condescending thing to say.

      I'm not gonna worry about telling the ladies what you said, they might not give me a response back. or better yet when you look through all my questions and find that's specific question, I type, I'll let you tell them ladies yourself.

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