Guys: What is something most girls don't know about guys that you think they should?

Secrets of the opposite sex?


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  • I've yet to meet a man who will look at a girl and say "wow, I think she'd make a great friend. I'm going to go talk to her."

    Just hasn't happened.

    • That's an interesting answer.

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    • thats what my dad tells me so "I can stay away from guys" and that if u do get married ur wife will eventually be your friend

    • @lucrecia3
      A man won't ever get married is he continually gives all of his attention to women who just want to be friends.
      It doesn't work that way.

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  • 1. If we get over someone quickly it's simply a defense mechanism for us to better cope with the situation. We usually don't like the break up just like you do but because we don't have the biological sense of needing security and protection (our security is within ourselves), we can move on faster and with less stress.

    2. Real men usually have a very internally centered frame of mind. This way we are not controlled by society as much as women can be (validation, status, etc.). Not all guys are like this though; there is a difference between boys and men.

    3. A lot of men do not mind at all if they are asked out by women. A lot of girls on this site ask this all the time but who wouldn't want to be asked out from time to time. I'm not bitter about it, I've become quite comfortable in asking girls out but I would never turn a cute girl down simply because she asked first. :-)


  • If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret.

  • If a random "hot" girl proposed sex to a guy, it would happen.


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