1 1/2 of happiness by both of us, talk of marriage- he's not happy with himself- so its over?

Thank you for any advise in advise. We met online, spoke for 6 months before meeting, we had a great connection and clicked real well. Once we met and discovered even in person we still held the same connection.we connected mentally, physically, sexually, spiritually, had a ball each time we went out it stayed home. No disagreements, no arguments, nothing but great respect and talking things out. After one year, I mention about marriage, he said not ready, I said np I'm good. The last 7 months be mentions 5 times yea I don't understand why we aren't married, good question. He told me he loves me a few times but no proposal. One day he tells me he thinks se don't have the same feelings? What makes no sense? I get upset bring me my stuff instead of saying he's hurt, gets upset, I say lets make up, he thinks then says I want what you want. Then he flips all the good to bad including I never said I love you. How can I say I'm happy with you, when I'm not happy with myself, he said. This is over, I don't want this. What? I don't get it. How did we get to this point ? How do I get this man back?


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  • If someone tells you that he never loved you, I can't think of a scenario where you'd want him back.

  • He never loved you - he was stringing you along.

    You don't want him back. you want him to be the guy you thought he was, and you want that version of him back.

    But that version was a lie- he never existed.

    You're in love with a man who doesn't exist.


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