How to handle this future awkward exchange.

My daughter is taking gymnastics. Last week I took her to her practice. Watched her practice and was getting ready to leave. As I'm leaving, one of the moms of the other girls says "Good night, myname".

I didn't think much of it, figured my wife talked about me or something, but mentioned it to my wife as something that was odd.

So this week, my wife goes to practice and brings up the conversation we had with this other mom.

Turns out the other mom and I worked together 20 years ago. And hooked up.

I remember the scenario, I remember the sex, but didn't recognize the mom as that girl because - well the years haven't been so kind to her.

So now, if I see her do I mention that I didn't remember her without being blunt with why I didn't recognize her?


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  • I would just tell her if she asks. aside from that I wouldn't act any different. that was a long time ago what happened with you and her and for you to tell your wife about that well you obviously have nothing to hide. so yeah I'd just carry on and if you see her again there's nothing wrong with saying hi.


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  • It happened a long time ago, so I would just mention it to your wife if it ever came up. Your wife shouldn't be mad about it, because it happened before you two met.

    • I told the wife. She's fine with it. It's more the reality that I didn't recognize this girl because the the years haven't been good to her, and I want to apologize for not recognizing her, without stating the real reasons

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  • I normal I didn't recognize you, is just fine followed with a, so how are you doing.

  • Haha. Just say the truth "sorry, I hadn't recognized you". At least she won't bother you anymore ;)

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