Girls, do you ever see a guy and just know that you want to make him your husband?

Or just know that he will be somehow? Would you do things to mess with his brain in order for him to think about you more and more if you know that he likes you? To what extent?

How do you handle these situations as a woman?


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  • Yeah actually. It makes me sound crazy haha, but I have a guy friend I believe could be my future husband. I just do my best to act normal, because I'd rather he didn't know I was crazy. ;P I can't make him want to marry me, so I'm just letting our relationship progress naturally.

    • As much as I wanted to do the same with a girl, I just couldn't stay composed. I would get too excited and nervous around her :/

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  • I have felt that feeling, When I like a guy I think of a lot of scenarios in my head.

    • It happens with guys too. I knew a girl once and I could see a whole life with her. I was crazy about her and I made sure she knew it lol. I think she thought I was a little too crazy :/ lol

    • Didn't turn out to be a good thing :( lol

  • Yes, I do imagine it and then I search for his faults, then I lose interest and get back to reality.

  • yesssss and he said lets be friends then I said no so we just walked our ways! I miss him:(((


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