Should I add him on Facebook? I hit it off with a guy I met at a wedding, but we didn't exchange info.

I was at my female friend from high schools wedding this weekend and ended up hitting it of with one of the groomsmen (who went to college with the groom). At the wedding (which included a fair amount of drinking by both of us), we hung out and danced for a good part of the night, I sat on his lap on the bus ride back to the hotel, and at the end of the night I went back to his hotel room with him. In the middle of hooking up his roommate came back and was kind of pissed, so we went in the bathroom (weird) and continued to hook up until, kind of abruptly, he said he felt bad and need to talk to his roommate. He said he would see me again though and that he often visits Chicago (where I live), since he lives in in another state. We did not share contact info, it was late at night and we were both still drunk.

The next day, I saw him across the hotel lobby, and he was looking the other way, and I was nervous and hungover and didn't say anything to him, since I thought I would see him later. I didn't end up seeing or talking to him any more before I had to head back home and now I'm wondering if I should do anything?

He definitely seemed much shyer when he was not drinking (we hung out the night before but he didn't say very much). Everyone said he's a nice guy and he is successful, so I was hoping that I could stay in contact with him and maybe see him again when he visits Chicago next. My friends who went to college with him said he was nice but that they didn't really know him and another said she heard he was still a virgin in the later part of college. I'm afraid that if he is shy, he won't do anything to contact me or see me again, but at the same time, I don't want him to think that I am creepy or weird by adding him on Facebook so soon after the wedding?

Does anyone have any advice? Do guys (even ones who don't usually have one night stands) typically look at weddings as an easy way to hookup with no strings even if you have mutual friends? I would prefer not to talk to the bride/groom about it because I don't want it getting back to him. Help! Any advice would be very much appreciated!


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  • It's good (the Facebook add), I had a girl do this last year and we ended up dating and hooking up.


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