Husband withheld wedding from teen son! What should I do?

Been married 8 months, Dh decided to get teen son for the weekend. (Rare, mom does not allow him around us much) I have never been okay with the situation, but love let me ignore the lack of bond between my hubby and his son. Now that I'm married, I encourage contact with the son hoping things will get better between them. This weekend was the last straw, as the kid mentions he did not know we were married...I blew my top blaming the husband. Why are we a secret? I was told he didn't attend because his mom was moving...Poor excuse but an excuse. My MIL calls me to apologize, stating my hubby's ex did not want her child at the wedding. I'm mad at my hubby and offended. His ex from 1999 should have a life and

her own relationship to control! She's stopping us seeing this teenager, now 14 but he's supposed to be my step son; I never get to even see him, and hubby lies about speaking to and seeing him...Its sad.


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  • Sounds like these issues should have been dealt with before your wedding. Because they weren't you can't expect it to change now. You had nothing to do with the son's life before the wedding, why would you expect that to change because of a piece of paper?

    He's 14 and teenagers all like and use parents against each other. Because they are divorced it makes that situation harder, because of the new marriage it makes it virtually impossible.

    You have no idea how she feels about her divorce, getting the kids, her husband having a new life and wife. Put yourself in her shoes.

    Your biggest problem here is your husband not his ex. Your husband chooses to lie, chooses to not have his kids at his wedding, chooses to lie to his kids about you, chooses not to see his kids. Get mad at the real problem that you've married.

    • i understand, but he was never married to his ex...putting myself in her shoes I would have an established life right now after 14 years. When I move on, which is what I decided; I won't date a guy with kids again.

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