Does marriage make sense, and for what purpose?

Is the only true benefit of marriage legality?

And why should marriage only be about "love"? I think many people marry for sex alone, and there's nothing wrong in that.


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  • I believe marriage means true commitment and unconditional love, and yes, sex with the only person whom one should be in love with. Marriage takes hard work and faithfulness. If one cannot comply to the long term realities, then they should not be so quick to marry or stay in the relationship which may get serious, for that matter. Marriage is a big deal. Although our society has screwed up the entire meaning of marriage, it is designed for two people who really, deeply love each other; to stay committed and be life long partners and enjoy the journey life has to offer TOGETHER. Many think "its just like having a long term girlfriend" or something, yet that leads to a short-term mindset. No one should have to feel that way about marriage. That is why the dating process is so important. Although some get married fairly quickly after meeting, even when not everything is known about each other, there is a mutual agreement in wanting to be with that person for the rest of their life.


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  • Marriage evolved as a human norm because it was a way for families in prehistoric times to use the process of marriage to bond families together, or seal a negotiation/deal.

    Other than that there is literally no point besides being able to support children better, which is another side advantage.

    • isn't that the beliefs of scientists?

      marriage was simply invented by religious people, little else.