Do you categorize women as marriage material vs casual relationship?

If so, what sets apart that special girl?

Also, do guys settle when it is time to settle OR do they settle when they feel like they have found someone special?


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  • What sets apart the marriage girls from the girls that just wanna party all the time? LOL easy.

    Heres a list: (this is more so my list so this does not really apply for everyone)

    -they like to stay home

    -they would rather go to family things

    -they would rather be with there boyfriend then with there friends

    -they are elegant and don't let everyone into there flower (aka don't have sex with a million guys)

    -they are very warm hearted, and show motherly qualities

    -they don't let everyone into there life. aka talk drama and stuff to friends or cause drama.

    -they aren't selfish

    -they aren't envious of people or talk crap about other people

    -they would rather work on making a stronger future for her and her husband and kids, then partying.

    To answer your other question, we settle when we have found that person that meets the needs that we are looking for. If your dating guys, and there not settling for you, its not because you don't posses these qualities I have stated, but they cannot see or know or even have acknowledged what they want in someone else. Get what I mean?

    If your in a relationship right now with a guy, and your doing everything you can to show him that you want a family in the near future and he still wants to party or w.e. Then clearly he doesn't see how "building your empire" aka settling with you is of importance to you.

    So in conclusion, like I said, if you are looking for someone to marry, then you must figure out what your list of qualities are, and look for someone that posses these qualities, cause they will most likely be looking for you too.

    I wish you luck on your journey! :)!


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  • Yes, but there is a third category and that is the friend-zone. Some girls you can't date or sleep with because you like them too much (or they're clingy or something). Girls that are more relationship-oriented (I wouldn't say marriage) have a tendency to be warm and caring, thoughtful, sensitive, and don't want to go out and drink and party all the time. The secret to happiness is wanting you what already have, and girls that are date-worthy express this through all of their actions.

    Girls for sex, however, are the kind that you find in bars, they wear large hoop earrings, too much makeup, get dolled up to go to the grocery store, and love form-fitting clothes that show off what they have (and almost never wear anything else).

    I mean, I appreciate people for who they are, and if they want sex then let there be sex. And if they want relationships, then let there be another guy who will give them one. BTW every guy is different, some guys never settle at all. No one likes the term "settle", because that implies that you're stuck somehow. And a serious relationship shouldn't feel like a prison cell, it should feel like a choice you are grateful to make every day of your life.

  • no I only gauge women as are the long term dating/marriage potential. I'm not really into casual stuff, I don't see the point

    what puts a girl into that long term/marriage category

    -know what they want

    -similar values

    -similar goals

    -i can be myself around them

    -mutual attraction

    - kind, empathetic

    -have a fun playful side

    -down to earth


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