How do you plan for a wedding?

It just seems like there's so much to plan! Where do you even start?

My friend is getting married either next summer or the following spring - she doesn't know yet. But she named me Maid of Honor so now I have responsibilities too haha.

Any advice for the clueless bride to be? And any advice for the clueless Maid of Honor? :P


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  • I'm planning my own wedding, and I learned that setting a timeline is really important. The first thing you (general you) need to do is decide what kind of wedding you want to have - religious or civil/non-religious. Once that is decided, you should:

    - Set a date.

    - Set a budget and stick to it. Set a budget within that budget for every detail, like dress, venue, caterers, etc.

    - Start looking for venues, like your church and/or ceremony and reception venue, take a tour of ones you're interested in and book one as far ahead as they'll let you. (booking soon is really important)

    - Figure out the amount of guests you want to have, and only invite as many as you can afford to feed! Food is expensive.

    - Pick your bridal party. You don't have to have one but most people do so you need to ask these people ahead of time. (Your friend is already on top of this, it seems)

    - Go dress shopping. Bring your bridesmaids along with you as bridal shops often have the dresses for them too. Order early so you have time for alterations. The same goes for the groom - he needs to know what kind of suit he wants and either order it or rent it.

    - Look for photographers, DJ's, caterers (and try their food), and bakers (try the cakes to see if they taste good).

    - Look for an officiant or priest/other religious authority who is available on that date who will marry you. People who get married in a church usually don't have to worry about this as the minister or priest will be there already.

    There are a lot more minor details like color schemes, decor, etc that come down to personal taste. A lot of stuff is easily done yourself (DIY) so that will cut costs.

    As Maid of Honour, you are basically the head bridesmaid. You are generally responsible for throwing a shower or a bachelorette party (or both) if the bride wants them. You are also the bride's right hand woman on her big day - you will help her with her dress, touching up makeup and hair, putting on the veil, and making sure the other bridesmaids are okay with their dresses.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    • Perfect! This helps a lot.

    • You're welcome! Forgot to add that weddings can be planned in 6 months just as easily as they can be planned in a year, and don't let the stress take over (I think this is the main problem with the "bridezilla" thing on those wedding TV shows). I also forgot to say that she should design/pick out invites and mail them in plenty of time!

      Have fun looking for a dress, maids of honor usually get a special dress so you can be distinguished :)

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  • Well you start with a budget. That's first and foremost.

    Then decide amount of guests, date for the wedding, venue.

    You need food, alcohol, music, photography, dresses, flowers. Go to bridal shows.

    You as maid of honor have to throw a shower and coordinate the bachelorette party, put up with her psycho behavior.

    The amount of money you have really dictates everything else. Some venues will take care of EVERYTHING. Some brides are control freaks who want to plan everything (also cheaper to plan it yourself).

  • Guy perspective here:

    Don't plan it. Go get hitched some place private with your parents and immediate family in attendance. Go on a nice trip together. Come back and throw a "we eloped" bash.

  • Most girls start planning their wedding around the age of 8, from what I've heard.


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  • I work at a wedding venue. Here, when is booked for a wedding, you get a wedding planner in tow. Most places wll be similar, whilst they may not have an official wedding planner, if they host events like that, they'll know a lot about what you need, and where to get it.

    Be aware of the budget. It's easy to get carried away with big ideas, but be practical.

    But I think it's starts with the venue, once you have that, you'll have restrictions in place as to numbers and what is and isn't possible. Then just list after list after list. Dresses, suits, flowers, favours, food, drink, music, entertainment, decorations, themes, colors etc ect.

  • register on Seriously. I'm in the same boat (my best friend is getting married next summer and I'm the maid of honor.) Just make sure you sign up as the bride, not the maid of honor. You have more control of the checklist and everything. But you can do EVERYTHING on there! plus it's free.

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  • Look on wedding self help websites...weddings have so many details

  • i think if I ever get married it would be a honeymoon wedding