Runaway wedding guest, any thoughts?

I met a woman @ my cousin's wedding reception a year ago. We were seated at at the same table during the dinner. At dinner, we had a great conversation and really hit it off. This led to dancing, drinking, laughing, the whole nine yards. At one point in the evening, family pictures were taken & I lost track of her. She slipped out w/out saying goodbye. I was a little bummed out by this, but I didn't let it ruin the night. I asked my cousin about her & she told me that she was already dating someone (the woman failed to mention this). So I added her on Facebook the next day just to see what would happen (she accepted the request) & said that It was nice talking/spending time with her @ the wedding. She never wrote back. FAST FORWARD to this weekend: I attend my cousin's birthday party & she's there! I asked my cousin if she's dating anyone & she claims that she isn't! So,I attempt to strike up a conversation. FLAT RESPONSE. Nothing. Just a few one word responses, she excuses herself & doesn't speak to me again. I don't look different. I know for sure that I didn't come off eager. I don't know what to make of this. Any thoughts?


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  • Remember that sometimes people identify friends differently than they do romantic partners. Maybe she felt as if she connected with you more on a friend bases than a romantic one and when you commented on how nice it was talking to her she realized maybe at some point youd want more and didn't want to get involved with that.

    This is just a theory, there could be thousands of other reasons as to why.


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  • Some men are very bad at understanding certain signals. She also may be a flirty and or friendly person. Move on and try to understand women a bit better. She may of been being polite to you the whole time.

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