Signs of maturity for marriage?

Hi there. Can you tell one has become mature enough mentally/socially/emotionally that he/she can get married now? Financial situation is one of the major factors but beside that, on what traits or qualities you can tell that one can get married now. Thanks for your input.


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  • People marrying for the first time too often forget that marriage is about sharing a life, not to mention sharing a family. Maturity includes a readiness to give up things that genuinely get in the way of the other even if you don't want to and to accept difficulties and tolerate annoyances one would otherwise not tolerate. I realize that these two things are contradictory. You might ask, why should I have to deal with her problems if she doesn't have to deal with mine? The answer is that a perfectly equitable balance is impossible. If either one does only what is reciprocated, the relationship falls out of balance. The minimum is never enough. Both have to do more than their fair share for the relationship to be successful. Those who are not willing to give up their personal "rights" have no business getting married.

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