Does it seem like my friend is in the right relationship? GAG please respond

my friend staying with this guy due to her and her mother can't get along. she pay his bils, buy him clothes and etc. he basically made her. well its at a standstill. he don't do anything with her except take her around like a little dog. everywhere he goes, she goes. he image her like his little trained dog. she told me they were engaged. so I looked at the the ring and she asked me my opinion of it. I said its fake darling, I really think its a set up. she barely wear the ring. she hasn't met his entire family and they act strange in front of her. she told me about this girl on instagram who seem to have a relationship with him also. she made him put on instagram that they are engaged. she has on her instagram headline his full name and that she is engaged to him. well knowing that she is not hardly smart. he put he is engaged also but with her old instagram name. when you click the listed name, it directly goes to somebody else page. he knows her current instagram name. I told her he's messing with her head. she's not believing me one bit. she leaves in December for her trip and sad to say, he plan on breaking up with her. she just graduated high school last year at 18. he's 23 years of age. she basically say yes to everything. she had the engagement on instagram for 4 months now, he just listed it on instagram the other day because she wanted him to make it known. but he tricked her. his other family even refuses to meet her. I told her you both sit at the house alot. he don't hardly take you anywhere with him unless its around his normal route. on Facebook he rarely even pay attention to her. she text him and ask him to like her statuses. she still thinks social media will determine your relationship. they are together in a relationship on Facebook, but he still look single at the same time. its like his options are still opened. all she do is sit around him all day long. she even have the same workshift as him. his ex is still in the picture. she is mad that he ain't told his ex he's engaged. when she seen the text messages he didn't even mention her at all. she post all these dang pictures on the internet of them both and he has not upload a darn thing about her. he has only 2 tagged photos of them both that look like they are just friends. those 2 pictures are 6 months or more old. its like he drag the relationship on until she leaves in December. I never seen an engagement like this. I even asked about the ring, she told me that it was the smallest they had. so the ring is too big for her finger. somebody lying!


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  • it doesn't sound like either one of them is mature enough to be engaged


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