Reasons for staying in a loveless marriage/ Reasons to get out?

Ladies, what reasons do you have for staying in a marriage where you don't love your husband?

Guys, Would you stay in a marriage even if you feel your wife growing away from you?

Both, Should you try to work things out or move on so you can find someone you love or loves you?

Keep in mind that true love can never die and this is about a real marriage(not one I'm in).I wish I could add more detail about these 2 people but I can't stand to hurt them so I wont.


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  • I have never been in this specific situation, but my cousin is going through this right now. She married her husband two years ago when she found out she was pregnant and had dated him for two or three years before then. She says that she doesn't love him and knows he doesn't love her, that he never did. Her reason for staying in a loveless marriage was their two year old son. She felt like it was important for him to grow up with two parents that were married. However, she recently left her husband because she decided that it was no longer what was best for her son because they fight so often and the he is usually around to see it.

    Personally, I think that if things can be worked out that is great, but not necessarily realistic. I think it is important to recognize dead ends and move on so that both parties can be happy

    • Thank you , I appreciate honesty too many people don't want to touch these kind of subjects let alone be open minded about them.

      And sorry things didn't work out for your cousin but like they say somethings just aren't meant to be.

    • I agree that some things aren't meant to be. She is taking this as a learning experience and has discovered the importance of taking care of herself and her son. I definitely believe everything happens for a reason, though.

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