What women want most is power over their husbands and lovers?

I was reading the Canterbury Tales and finished the Wife of Bath's Tale. TL;DR the story teaches several lessons, one of them being what women want. When the knight went near and far to find the answer, he received too many different answers. Some saying women wanted material items, good sexual pleasure, many different partners, freedom, no judging on faults, seen as perfect, et cetera. However, the final answer came out to be that what all women really want was self rule over their husbands or lovers and for him to place her above himself. All the women in the court, young and old, agreed and the knight was right.

Anyways, do you agree or not agree with this outlook on what women want? Keep in mind that this is what ALL women want, not individual wants. Anyone want to elaborate or explain this answer or theirs, too?

  • Yes, women want power over their partners.
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  • No, women want something else besides power over their partners.
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  • Both answers are partially correct.
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  • Women all seek power over their partners but if the actually get it, they lose respect for him. Once they no longer respect the man, they lose interest in him. What they want and what they need are two different things. Seeking power over her man is the way women test men to see if he is strong and worthy enough, to remain her partner. Most women don't even realize they test men like this. This is why they tend to be more attracted to a**holes over nice guys. It wouldn't be a problem, but boys are currently being raised to be weak and always cave into what the woman wants. This has created weak men that women are not happy with.


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  • World is filled with people. So many people, so many different opinions and likes and dislikes. And sometimes we think we want something, but enjoy something else. We can never know 100% for certain. Me? I want equality. I don't want to be more powerful, but I don't want to be weaker. I know that this might not always work that way, but then I hope that at times he has more power, and at other times I hope to have more power.

  • Maybe. I can see how the idea of power over men in a time when women had little power could be intoxicating. But I think it's important to note that most women don't want dominance. Subtle power and dominance are different things. "The man is the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn him any way she wants."

  • No. I want a man to have the power

  • Every woman is different. Some want dominance. Some want the husband put in his place. Some just want good sex.


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  • What women want is security - they want to feel safe. The best way to do that in the middle ages was to have power, whether over your spouse or not. But considering even Queens could be put to death by their husbands (Kings) for bullsh*t reasons, power over your spouse was clearly a necessary component, not just power on its own.

    The same is true today - if you can make a woman feel safe and secure, and relieve her from her constant baggage of fear, you will be the most important guy in her life.