Ladies, does it flatter you that husbands always pick whatever house his wife wants them to live in?

It seems like every time when married couples are out looking for a new house to live in, the husband always gives in and pick the house that his wife like the most, (even though that house is something the husband didn't like at first), that makes it seems like husbands are afraid to disagree with theie wives, to where women always get what they want no matter what. How I know this, I watch that show "House Hunters" on HGTV.

I want to know, do sometimes husbands pick a house that he really liked, even though his wife didn't like that particular house at first, but she gave in on what he wanted?


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  • Usually it depends on the relationship. My ex fiance' and I were looking at houses and I work A LOT so I told him that my opinions didn't matter because I was hardly home. He kept saying we need to pick it out together Blah blah.. ended up breaking the engagment because of my hectic schedule but thankfully we didn't buy the house.


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  • I think picking out a house is like planning the wedding. The girl has provably spent more time planning the decorations Then the Guy, so the Guy figures its one less thing to Think about. Plus, happpy wife = happy life. If the Guy forces the girl into the house HE wants, her nagging and complaining about the ugly house will never stop.

    • The phrase happy wife equals happy life, does that mean the man has to be afraid of his wife and bow down whatever she wants? meaning his rights are taken away from him.

  • Happy wife = happy life.

    And I saw your comment about the whole fear thing and no, that's not what that means but I don't know if you've noticed but we women can complain a lot. And can you imagine living with a woman who hates the house? She'd complain about it every day. It's just easier to buy the one she likes. Guys are usually just happy with a roof over their head, a bed to sleep in, and a kitchen that makes food. They're less likely to care what way said things are set up in the house than women are.

    • You're missing the point, by you using that as an excuse, that makes you feel flattered that you go whatever you want. That happy wife=happy life, thing is a way for women to bully their husbands that way if they get a divorce, he has more to loose.

      I wouldn't be just happy with a roof over my head, otherwise I would live in a slum.

    • You're obviously dead set on women being conniving bitches and men being cowardly rats. Heaven forbid they just do things to make the other happy.

    • Then tell me something on when wives have agreed on somthing that their husbands like more than them.

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