In laws problem, need help?

My boyfriend purpose to me year ago I said yes We're gone get engaged very soon his mom likes me and some time she doesn't she blames me everything I'm not good girl for his son. Every time she want us get engaged and then she's not she change her story. Know she spent want to support her son getting engaged to me she doesn't want be involved its like he spent exist to his mom. His mom spent show love to him no affection she's cold with him. With her other son she loves him more. All he wants his mom be there for him his special day she's being rude. Would it be bad and embarrassing if he comes alone his engagement day no one his family excepted me they pretend to. We love each other we don't want thing get bad between us because of them.


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  • girl you marry the guy not his mother. in-laws problems is everywhere! don't worry when you got married you make your own family and your future husband separate from his mom. his mother is not showing much her affection to her son but his still a son, of course your future in law love her son so prove to her that you're the right one for her son.