Why is he engaging with other people and polar opposite with me?

This guy I know isn't shy or anything. I've seen him very engaged in conversation with various girls. I can't say if he's flirting, but he seems to like talking to those girls. He will smile and look at them normally, just like how normal people do!

He's quite different with me and I'm confused. He does this thing where I'm pretty sure he sees me but looks away and acts like he didn't. Maybe he doesn't want to talk to me or soemthing?

When I approach him he makes an effort to continue talking and I get the idea that he wants to talk to me to some degree; he doesn't completely shut me down. But he literally will not look at me. He will look around or above me or even to the side of me but never at me.

He will usually smile back at me which is good I guess, but he is not as open with me as he is when he is talking to other girls for sure. Something about the way he is like reserved or awkward, idk.

I know I'm shy so maybe that's why? Idk.

Or is he just interested in the other girls?


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  • i'm voting 'you'. interested in you

    Good Luck x


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