My boyfriend didn't tell me he was going to a wedding.

I texted him in during in a panic, I was doubting his feelings for me and feeling insecure, we've been "bf and gf" for 7 months now. When I texted him all my concerns he said he was at a wedding and was annoyed/pissed I was bothering him during it. I understand feeling annoyed, but him not telling me he was at wedding is exactly what I am feeling crappy about, he doesn't include me in his life, wouldn't you tell your girlfriend your going to a wedding? Sorry I'm just emotional, I don't know if he really likes me, he shows it at times and other times he is distance and acts like he doesn't care...

also why not invite me to the wedding? He often goes bowling and snowboarding and never invites me.. does it sound like I'm just a 7 month long hook up?


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  • Wow sounds like my boyfriend. My bf's lack of communication is starting to irk me too. He does such sweet things for me so I am conflicted on whether I should leave or not.

    • He left late last night to hang out with his buddy, I know because we live in a tiny place and we can hear everything and his friend called and asked him to go out. My boyfriend just left and it's now morning and I am going to work and he is still not back. This just seems weird. He was the one to push for me to move in not me.

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    • e... I hope you find out what you want and stay true to your heart, stay strong<3

    • Don't worry I have walked away from harder situations and no you won't grow old alone. On average I think it takes women about 24 different guys to get to the right one so all those guys just got you closer to the right one.

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  • Sounds like you have a sleeping partner and not a proper boyfriend. No way I go to a wedding and not bring my girl. Time to take control and back off.

    Remember texting is not a good way to communicate. You can't hear someone's voice or inflections. If I say, "Oh, get out?" Am I mad like Get OUt! or sarcastic?

    Yes to your update...a long hook up. It may be fun when you are frisky, but after 7 months it's time to measure if he is worth his salt. Try and put your emotions aside and look at the situation from the outside. Personally, I would dump him. No frisky stuff. I’m 42. At 42 you’ve seen pretty much everything and are sick of the B.S.

    If you had a great job, a house, and were 40, would you be putting up with this?

    He sounds too immature to be in a relationship…not bringing his love to a wedding?!

    ~Get out.

    • "No way I go to a wedding and not bring my girl" Exactly. If I went to one I would invite him (if It was OK with the person who invited me) and if not at least tell him! And yes I know I shouldn't have texted it... big mistake. I said sorry for bothering him and that we'll talk later... It was on impulse... damn phones.. Thank you for your answer, and yes If I were independent and stable on my own I wouldn't put up with this bs! OK I'll be honest... I am writing about my ex here... this happen

    • ed a while ago, I just wanted some reassurance I made the right choice, there were many other things he did to show he didn't care... but I still miss him like crazy... ugh... I need to remind myself of all the crappy times and get over him. Thanks again for you help.

  • Sounds like you're way more invested in the relationship than he is. I would take some time to reevaluate the relationship.

  • He doesn't sound like a boyfriend to me


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