What is the problem with him?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and 5 months. For the past 6 days well 7 including today we were planning on getting pre-engaged meaning committed. Well last night his friend was over and he made this split decision to go to UF to see his friend on Friday which is tomorrow. I've been planning trips with him for months and it never happens. Well we got into a fight last night because of that and also because hasn't purchased the ring. I felt like he wasn't serious about our relationship. He's the one who said he wanted to take it to the next level so I got excited and happy. Then he curses me out last night and hangs up in my face. I don't understand how someone can say they love you and constantly hurt you. I do all I can to make him happy. I love him so much but I am so tired of him treating me like crap when he's around his friend. This isn't fair to me. Then the whole time we were fighting he didn't say he already purchased the ring. It made me feel like he's starting drama with me on purpose. I called him this morning to let him know how I felt and he listened and then decides to hang up in my face. I call back and he hangs up over and over. At this point I'm getting ready to call it quits. Advice please?


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  • You are going to push him away if you keep it up. Don't pressure him constantly and nag him. Guys don't like to talk about stuff like that all the time. They grow tired of it and will look for reasons to not be around you sweetie. Don't call him today and let him do his thing this weekend. He will call. Just stop talking about the relationship and he will come around. Let him have some friends time.

    • Uh I didn't start the whole commitment ordeal he did. He promised to buy a ring and all I did was remind him of what he said he would do. I didn't ask him to do anything. If it's over it's over. I'm not into drama and he is. This is norm for him.

  • Is this argument based on just the ring issue?

    If he really loves you and you love him, you shouldnt have to worry about the ring, He'll get it whenever he's ready to get it.

    Don't pressure him nor force him

    As for the friend issue, that bugs me a lot when guys tend to show off in front of his friends.

    Maybe when he's with one of his friends, you should call up one of your friends and have a girls day out

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