Why is this girl who is now engaged acting like this?

There is this girl I liked very much and I thought she felt the same about me, but I was very wrong, when I asked her she laughed in my face and said "that's impossible I'm dating someone else."

After this happened I moved on and avoided her from that moment forward. This whole thing occurred many years ago, looking back I realize things were just a game for her. A friend of mine told me she recently got engaged to her boyfriend.

What I can't understand is lately she has been acting weird towards me, giving me dirty looks, acting nervous and afraid around me, staring at me. I'm not stalking her, heck I don't even speak to her.

You would think because she's engaged she should be happy. Nonetheless, when she laughed at me and played me I was done with her.

Having said all that I cannot understand why I'm getting these reactions, she's engaged now and she won whatever game she wanted to play on me.

Can someone explain why do I continue to get this reaction from her?

Honestly I don't want nothing from her.


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  • Perhaps she just feels uncomfortable around you due to your past. I can understand that. She treated you horribly and that probably put up a invisible wall between you two especially seeing as you moved on which was the best move. Right now she probably feels like shit because she sees you aren't fixated on her anymore and she's probably just mad at herself, and not you. Sometimes the way we treated people in the past comes back to us and we only then realize what our actions really meant. She probably is happy about being engaged (why wouldn't she be) but around you she could feel awkward and tense given the nature of your friendship.


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  • She problry feels unconfrontable around you and tryig to send you a message don't talk to her excially when she's with her fiancĂ©. She never played you. Do you know what the definition of played means? If she told yoynsge liked you and leaded you on that's playing but if she did not say anyth7ng to make you think she liked you then that doesn't mean she played you and your being delusional. She probley was just being friendly and you took it as flirting.

  • Maybe she is afraid that you might say something, or she might feel guilty for the way things were left between you; and not know how to respond when seeing you.


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