Does Christianity make people celibate?

We all know, Christianity says how you should stay pure until marriage, and the church teaches that, somewhat. Well, thinking back a bit to Bristol Palin, who was a bit dumb to not use birth control, had a point when she said abstinence till marriage isn't realistic in this day and age.

Anyway. Most of us middle class kids know that you don't get married as a teenager. You're just not experienced enough, ready, etc. We know, because our parents and society tells us this. I mean, who could afford to get married as a teen? Then what? Two teenagers scraping by in an apartment, maybe one will have a college degree by 24? So we know, you get married after college, when you're ready. Average age of marriage is what, 28 for men, 26 for women?

Okay. Let's say people actually follow Scripture, and refrain from having sex until marriage. Most people are totally ready for sex by 17, 18. If a man or woman has been ready and wanting to have sex for 9, 10 years--or even if you half that, and say 4 years, 5 years--will a person even care about sex enough to marry? Let's face is, if you're 23, and a virgin, you've either got great willpower, or you have a really low sex drive, or something.

Anyway. So that's the question. In short summary--given that marriage is pretty impractical for most Americans until about 23 or so, at earliest, and Christianity teaches that you need to wait until marriage for sex--does following Christianity make people celibate? Because if you've got the willpower to kill your sex drive and wait until you're 23, is it even worth the bother of then learning how to date and going through the trouble and the agony of marriage, given that sex won't be a factor?

Maybe that's the point of Christianity, haha. the Apostle Paul wrote, "Because of the present crisis, I think that it is good for a man to remain as he is. Are you pledged to a woman? Do not seek to be released. Are you free from such a commitment? Do not look for a wife. But if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned. But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this."


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  • Since sex is meant for marriage, I heard that when people have sex before marriage, then theyre already like a married couple. Anyways, yea I'm still a virgin, and I'm curious about sex. But I have the willpower to not do it before sex. I don't think there's a problem with waiting for marriage.

    • What if that means waiting until you're 26?

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    • Such a typical woman. Doesn't like how the conversation is going, so she resorts to just insulting the person instead of addressing what the question actually was.

    • No, it's the fact that you sound rude. If you love the idea of sex, then go have sex. I don't care. But I'm trying to make a point, whereas you just make a stupid joke to 'point your opinion'.

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  • No, you can't force them to sustain from sex.

    However they will have their limitations. If you are one of those hardcore christians I believe that yeah, you won't be so likely to get intimate so fast.

  • Not at all


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  • I think it's more about self-control than it is about "killing" your sex drive.

    "...will a person even care about sex enough to marry?" and " it even worth the bother of then learning how to date and going through the trouble and agony of marriage, given that sex won't be a factor?" This is why I don't believe in "sexual compatibility". Sex is not the end-all-be-all of marriage, let along of life. A man and a woman should marry because they love each other and not because they want to have sex with each other. If you ask me, this mentality does more to harm a marriage before it even begins.

    There are two works that I would highly recommend you study. They are Love & Responsibility and Theology of The Body. I'll be writing a series of articles about them sometime in the coming months. Hopefully, those will provide a healthier and more wholesome understanding of Christianity and sexual love.

    • I don't know about those books, but I do remember something from the Bible. “I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn” (1Corinthians 7:8,9) And...

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    • A physical attraction is important, yes. However, I think you have an over-simplified understanding of this passage from Corinthians. My question to you is even in today's culture, how many people really get to a point that they literally cannot control themselves? Even if and when they do, aren't those the kind of people you listen to and think "what is this guy's/girl's problem?" I think people have a lot more self-control than they realize, but given today's culture, they're told not to

    • exercise it.