"Women delaying marriage are playing a game of chicken--" Agree or Disagree?

So I was reading on a blog and read something striking.

"women delaying marriage are playing a collective game of chicken in order to avoid wasting any more of their youth and fertility on their husbands than absolutely necessary."


It's interesting, because it sounds solid, though I doubt women consciously are thinking it. What do you think? Are women playing chicken to not have to spend most of their best years on a husband?


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  • Well...if a woman plays her cards right she can be married, have a college degree, an established career, and a kid or two all before the age of 26.

    I'm gunning to get married at 24 (4 years for me) I'd be up for sooner but the boyfriend happens to be younger than me by two years and apparently he would like to drink at his wedding :p


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  • No. Women just don't want marriage that young.

  • Women have careers these days therefore don't want to get married young. Don't think that women don't feel tied down with a husband. It has nothing to do with fertility and what not. We just don't want a husband that young.

    • But, a woman's early 20's are the utter prime of her life, and girls know it's the time when she can party, have fun fwb's, etc. And women decide they don't want to marry until later, when their prime is about over.

    • "A woman's early 20s are her prime" said no one ever. Women are able to get married later anyway.

    • Actually, a "woman's early 20's are her prime" knows pretty much every man alive. Oh, are you one of those women who delude themselves that they're just a sexy when they're 35 and 25 pounds heavier, compared to college days?

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