Guys, would you tell a girl if she's bring too pushy?

My friend keeps pressuring her new boyfriend about their future and marriage and from an outsiders perspective I watch him squirm. He's uncomfortable and won't say anything, so I wonder would you tell a girl if she is being too pushy about marriage or would you keep quiet?


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  • pretty much, id just straight up tell her right off the bat I don't want marriage, no sense beating around the bush

  • I've been in that situation, when there have been girls that have been my platonic friends (yepp, the ones I stuck in the friend zone) and they've been pushing for a relationship - and being extremely needy and clingy about it;

    I never said anything about it, I just casually dropped contact gradually and with time until I was finally free. When they tried to reestablish contact I ignored it.

    Then my last girlfriend started to talk about a wedding and having children about three months into our relationship; now, I loved her with all my heart but I never said anything - it wasn't deliberate; and I don't know why I kept my mouth shut, but in retrospect I now know that I wasn't at all ready for that kind of a big commitment with her. Needless to say, we are now no longer together; and I think it has a lot to do with my past of female friends trying to really push for something I just didn't want


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