Is this a wedding invitation?

I got a card in the mail from a friend I lost contact with a couple years ago. The card has 3 pictures of him and his girlfriend who I've never met, and it said him and his girlfriend are getting married on 6/1/14. That's all it says.

It doesn't say where it's being held, nor did it include a personal message to me.

Is this just an announcement that most engaged couples send out? Should I even respond to this? Is this an invitation?


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  • That's a 'save the date'...couples send those out like five months or more ahead of time, to the people they plan on inviting to their wedding. They haven't picked a venue yet or anything, but they have set a date. and they just would like you not to make any other plans that day...

    Even though you haven't talked in like two years he might still want you to be there. Unless, at the last minute, they have to cut down the number of people they planned on inviting, You should get an official invitation in the mail in the few months...

    • Oh that makes sense. Have you ever gotten one before?

    • Yeah my cousin had sent my family one before she us the official invite. It was a magnet of a picture of them and the date of the wedding, but hers said 'look forward to you joining us'...

      so, now that I think about it, the card you received could be an engagement announcement. But most couples wouldn't send that to someone either unless they were going to invite them to the wedding. because it would be kinda rude, and not proper etiquette. So yeah you should receive an invite :)

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  • No it isn't. Firstly as a friend he should have personally come to invite you but since you lost contact it could've been awkward. But I think he meant to send you a engagement announcement and soon a wedding invitation would follow. Just don't make plans for those days

  • It's a 'Save the Date', it means he intends on inviting you and a formal invitation will follow

  • I think it's an engagement announcement. I think they're pointless. I would only send out wedding announcements.

  • No that's not an invitation

    Just a FYI


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