Guys, why would you joke about marriage with a girl your not official with?

A guy I met on my travels who I have continued something with jokes about marriage to be when he is drunk. Its happened more than once and he goes into detail and asks me to say yes. I tell him no.

he is still traveling but we chat everyday for like 3 - 4 hours. In our home country he lives in a different city but he bought me plane tickets to come see him and is coming home with me to spend time in my city for a bit?

He has only known me like 2 months and we haven't even had a girlfriend boyfriend chat yet? He also jokes saying love you to or love you which I reply to him no you don't


Not for visa we live in the same country
He's got money himself way more than me


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  • Is he looking for you or a Visa? This is too much too fast. He may be the type who falls to hard too fast, but is that even the kind of guy you wish to be involved with? Distance can be your friend.


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  • he wants to seattle down with you . mayb nothing formal yet but he values you enough to say it


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  • Be careful with guys, who throw marriage and "I love you" too soon in the relationship. Chances are, these types want something in return.

    If he's thinking of getting married after 2 months, there's a multitude of reasons why he wants to speed up the process. Main one would be that he wants something from you.

    - are you rich?

    - is your family rich?

    - is he legally allowed to be in the country he's currently in?

    - does he sound overly sweet, but can sometimes be borderline demanding?

    All of these are signs of an abusive person.

    Someone, who's trying to coerce your into marriage way too soon sounds like a very controlling individual and you will find that with time his controlling behavior will get worse.