Why won't he refer to me as his fiancé?

My fiancé and I have been together 10 yrs, 2 kids. We just got engaged 3 months ago. I love calling him my fiancé, I was tired of being his girlfriend with our 2 kids and proud we're engaged. He told me that he told his buddys, his coworkers, that he was planning on asking me. Now if he's on the phone or talking to anyone he still calls me his girlfriend. I'm hurt hy that. Why doesn't he want people to know that I'm finally his fiancé?

His reason for waiting so long was because he wanted to get me a nice ring, because we didn't have the money. I don't care about the ring, I would have settled for a $20 walmart ring honestly.

Can someone tell me why he's not proud and excited to have me as his fiancé? All men I have seen get engaged were always excited to tell the world.


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  • Have you talked to him about this? It might just be that you've been his girlfriend for so long, he calls you that out of habit.

    • Yeah and guys seem to have more of a tendency to continue to call their finacees their girlfriend for some reason.

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  • Talk to him about it! Don't conclude it means he's not proud and excited, there's no evidence to support that. He has 10 years of habit to break. If you let him know how it makes you feel, I'd say he'll get more focused on changing his word choice!

  • tell him

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